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Rich girl why favor poverty, not to love the rigidity family background, his thought has the following five aspects: one is the rich kids are generally dude, don't cherish the rich woman's feelings. Rich girl living in a rich family, or rich family, went to know their life habits and their development potential, and they know that if there is no passion, and such a man live these rich kids don't know the passion, will cherish these rich woman's feelings, because in the eyes of the rich kids, women they just a dress, with a throw, don't put feelings seriously. So, the rich girl in the face of the pursuit of rich kids have already numb, don't have a soul. Second, the rich girl by poor Eva is potential shares, are able to lay a piece of heaven and earth. We can see from the above story, rich girl not to all the poor child likes, they prefer to those who have a figure, http://www.samswildbees.com/ talented, understand life, cherish the feelings of poverty, the man is actually a juicy, but ultimate man is scattered around the room, by the rich girl accidentally discovered, how can not let them love. Although these men now down and out, but they know that such a man must be very beautiful tomorrow, they will be able to fight a wide stretch of the sky. Three is poor, she knows the way of life to cherish this wonderful love. Poor child falling in love with a rich girl, rich girl fall in love with poverty, it is not suitable, poor Eva in the face of this incredible love must be satisfied, will cherish this hard-won feelings, the rich girl must be fondly, where is the woman over her lifetime pursuit? , of course, is the future husband can love your life, rich kids often do, poor Eva especially acura poor Eva can do that. Fourth, rich female parents can rely on the ability of poor Eva for wealth expanded further. Clever rich female parents tend to agree with her daughter's request, on the one hand, they know her daughter's idea, on the one hand, they through understanding, know this poor child poverty is only temporary, they will not in the pool, and these poor doll is very ideal, talented, culture, and many times stronger than those rich kids, heroes do not ask the source, think about the past his own struggle experience, nature will enjoy such acura poverty, current economic power, they will do their connections to help his son-in-law, let them become a creature of The Times, decorate their appearance again. Andy lau to how many years active in music, ray lui to $2 billion, are associated with powerful economic forces behind and contacts. Five is poor Eva know return, to cherish the hard-won life. After poor Eva developed, will never forget his wife about his poverty when the love and support, also won't forget my father-in-law for his key help, when they know the good life is hard, will be more cherish his wife, will be filial piety his Fake Fendi Belt father-in-law mother-in-law, and their property will be for a long time, will not be a flash in the pan.