Fake Versace Belt ask I will not forget

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Later, she hold me lying in my arms, teary-eyed looked at me, Fake Versace Belt ask I will not forget her, I said I would never, if you like, I will marry you for his wife. She held me tighter, the tears flow into my chest. Finally, on the second day morning, when we woke up, found that day had stopped, so we went down the mountain home, along the way, I take tingting hand, she also tightly took me by the hand. In more than a month later, she was every day in my side, to see what I wrote, and then snuggle in my side, we always can't help embrace together, the women enjoy the pleasure of the body... However, happy days always passed quickly, blink of an eye got to school, in the day I get away, she silently pack my things, and then just follow me to the station, break up at that moment, her eyes shining Cheap Versace Belts with tears, tightly embrace me, I also tightly holding her, I said quietly in her ear, tingting, wait me after graduation, I will marry you for his wife, you wait for me. She bit her lips and shining with tears, kept nodding.

She looked at me and get on the bus, I also kept waving to her, in to see her at that moment, my tears flow down, too. , however, came to the school, I often think of her, and write to her, call her, then, I have gradually forgotten her, later, I graduated, at work, and then fall in love, tomorrow, I will walk into the palace of marriage, however, I had forgotten her but to arrive, and the hand holding our children. Originally, since we break up, she found that pregnant with my child, and she was both excited and nervous, and told her parents the things between us, her parents told her this is not possible, call her fate, she aborted children. Tingting refused to, determined to put the child was born, and a man with, she believe that one day I went to see her and to marry her.

Over the years, she suffered others supercilious look, serious with children, also named the child to think, is miss my meaning. Tingting's parents were her lift head, anger to her parents' urging, she finally summon up courage, to changsha looking for me, after a few days, finally found me. Listened to her, my heart suddenly blame up come, I turned out to be a complete occasion, how hypocrisy, my commitment is to let a girl far in the mountains of pure white wait me for so many years, and gave birth to a child for me, and bring up so many years, she needs to how much courage! Her for the sake of my commitment to do wait me for so many years, I have put my commitment to the cloud nine, completely forgot the distant mountain village has such a pure beautiful girl waiting for me a big occasion, they see a child growing up day by day and sometimes see beautiful pictures of passion, especially in the middle of the night, to send my body in the depth of the troubles.