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At the end of the morning, we finally climbed to the top of the hill, wow, this hill is too beautiful, lush forest obscured the sun, let the hot feel a trace of cool in summer, there are all kinds of strange stone mountain, there are many unknown flowers, mountain stream have lesser streams flowed, we held water drink, tingting looked at I drink water to eat the smile, the smile intoxicated, let a person feel very simple.

 Finally, we walk tired, www.chicagocaptioning.com tingting also tired, we find a flat place to sit down and eat our food. At this time, I said to tingting you whether very popular folk song, song zuying is from you walk out of here, she said we the people here are like singing, I let her sing folk songs, she tossed out sing up, the singing around the mountains, in the mountain road, let a person relaxed and happy, I am a little enchanted.

She smiled and enjoy listening to her song, I say, haven't heard such a simple song for a long time, in the city is never listen to such a nice song, she smiled and laughed so brilliant, so natural, let a person become really interested. All of a sudden, I feel dismal weather down, just and sunshine spilled from the trees, at this time, it was already dark, and the mountain began to the darkness, feeling it's going to rain, she said to immediately went down the mountain, there will be a heavy rain soon, we'll pack up and down the mountain, however, too late, heavy rain in suddenly fell down, and we are all was caught in the rain was soaking wet, finally, we find a cave, wear to go in, well, dry inside.

We waited for a long time, the meaning of the rain didn't stop, I feel www.vppregionv.com a little cold, looking at tingting, I feel she was shaking, then like this, you will be sick, I quickly drew her to my side, she very quiet on my side, I pray in my heart, I wish it would stop the rain. Until the evening, however, still raining, looks like is not the mountain tonight, I open the luggage, wow, actually there is a bed sheet, tingting really careful, she actually considering it might rain, I went into the cave, and found that there was a pile of firewood, I lit the wood are collected, and put the order on us, against cold, so we sat, say some jokes, to drive out fear, because I find tingting is a little afraid, because she began to hold me, she glared at her eyes looked at me, I gave her a story about the town, she carefully listen, I looked at her beautiful eyes, feeling some changes, two young body together, it is summer, some natural reaction, I began to don't talk, just staring at her, she was staring at me, I looked down and kissed her on the forehead, she let me kiss, didn't move, just feel the body in trembling, I started to kiss her mouth, she responded to my kiss, I feel my breath began to increase, her soft body also lay in my arms, and hold me tightly, trembling, I started to kiss her neck, falling slowly, I feel her shortness of breath and, in this way, in the wilderness of the cave, our body and soul together.