tube uncle

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the duke of zhou situation is difficult. He first stable internal unity, persuade squire and called cool. He said: I am not shy away from difficult situations and king, is worried about the betrayal of the zhou dynasty. Otherwise I have no YanHui newspaper is king, king ji of zhou, the king of the text. Three Kings have due to the world for a long time, and now only achievement. Featuring prematurely left us, into the king is so young, I'm in it for the achievements zhou dynasty, to do so. Duke of unified internal opinion, after the second year (1023) before the Crusades, crusade, CAI, Wu Geng. Prior to the divination, issued a big letters patent. Soon, tube uncle, Cai Shu collusion Wu Geng king zhou's son, and joint here tribal rebel the zhou dynasty. Duke of zhou in the king's commandment, rate crusade. After three years of hard fighting, finally TaoPing insurgency, conquered the Orient, closed down by a large number of shang dynasty aristocrat, and slay the tertiary, Wu Geng, banished Cai Shu. Have strengthened the rule of the zhou dynasty. After the duke of zhou TaoPing GuanCai, pushed into to the east, extinguish the I (now shandong qufu) more than 50 countries, such as the fly inexpensive (the king of a country) to the sea to kill. From this week's power extends to the seaside, territory east to the sea. He big feudal to consolidate Zhou Chaozhi rule. After the duke of zhou counter-insurgency, in order to strengthen the control of the east, formal proposal into king put countries moved to los city (now the luoyang). How to rule the conquered areas, is a big problem after the victory of war, Wu Geng, huai yi's rebellion and I countries, shows that important areas can no longer use the old clan leader, must be the most reliable packet zhou clan members, and featuring the packet has been different. The duke of zhou brother Kang Shu seal to the central area of the original business BC, for alborada (now henan Qi County), to give him his YanMin seven nations: dow. Molisch, numerous surname, Qiang, heart, and famine, eventually kwai, clan is more have some kind of handicraft feat. Kang Shu fief large area not only, and all eight teacher troops, to prevent YanMin resistance again. Celebrates its los city, duke of zhou began to practice the seal of the founding of the state policy. He has 71 countries, est replica mulberry bags uk ablishing the brother featuring 15 and 16, sealing to seal the governors to do, as an protect to defend the royal family. In the domestic universally implemented jingtian, unified planning, land to consolidate and strengthen the economic base of the zhou dynasty. He bent on building city, formulate unified etiquette, for the country to strengthen the world. Duke of zhou in the fifth year of king (before 1020), the formal construction los city. Called male first came to the city, the fifth of march, after a divination, the fo sure in jian water and the town of luoshui interchange, and further planning and walls, temples, dynasty, the city's location, May 11 program success.