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Emperor 37 years (210 BC), qin shi huang excursions, accompanied by rees and others to sand dunes platform (now in hebei province pingxiang county northeast), suddenly critically ill, qin shi huang know only soon, then life peers in car FuLing zhao is write a letters to border on county (now shaanxi suide), the eldest son of ying fusu, let him quickly back to the xianyang to deal with the funeral. Unfortunately the rescript not hair, qin shi huang is on the west. Zhao gao buckle letters at the same time, provided the emperor 18 son hu hai is the chance to seize the throne, side to coax Reese conspiracy, otherwise it would harm children.

Reese drink and think it has negative huang, have back them, harmful, but he has to own GuanLu, so with zhao gao forge the testamentary edict, forcing the work, the emperor made hu hai ii, manipulation of power, to do everything, and appeared in the history of the famous story of misrepresentation. Swirl in the event of Reese, keep the position of prime minister, emptiness, but that is the emperor, hu hai is a straw bag, air power has been zhao gao drive, zhao gao lest deeds, after the job is done, and became a stumbling block to his, lis and so soon, zhao gao in front of hu hai slanderers, finally using hu hai is in the hands of the rees in prison, in 208 BC, was cut in the streets of xianyang, lis Reese may finally understand before death, he was a mere tool in the hands of zhao gao, but it is because of his role, make the annihilation of the qin dynasty, the instantly feifei in 207 BC, the qin dynasty was prone to men buried in the dust of history. Maybe couldn't to death that qin shi huang, help Qin Xing Reese why finally help qin took to the point of no return.

Now the men and women in marriage, no house no car, self-mockery is naked marriage, feel no face very much, replica mulberry bags uk and some naked marriage gens also have a lot of complaints, some blame have no money to get married in today's society, work hard to find, house price is too high, no money to buy a car, even some people hate their parents don't have the ability, can't let them get married, hate myself why not was born in a wealthy family. Except on yourself to find reasons. Actually, naked marriage thing doesn't happen now, more is not a unique phenomenon in today's society, after the 80 married men and women, their parents when they get married is naked marriage, they can go back to ask their parents, their parents to get married there?

At that time it was the red guards era, Mulberry Bags is in the cultural revolution period, Mulberry Bags is a poor, ordinary family is poor, I listen to my parents said, when they got married that year not only don't have a house (not to mention the car), even to get married with quilt is borrowed, dowry just a wear in the body of the new coat, marry after my father, only to find that only three bowl, only three pairs of chopsticks, if to the guest, even the bowl chopsticks to borrow. Wedding day, the best colleagues and friends to eat a meal and a few sweet is said to get married.