Through the platform of

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And in May 2007 to set up in the form of foreign exchange reserve. In February 2009, in the face of crisis in generations, all parties and is committed to the preparation of regional foreign exchange reserve funds from $80 billion to $120 billion, so far, Asian monetary fund taking shape. From the parties bear the share, Replica Designer Belts and Japan have invested $38.4 billion, accounting for 32% of the investment proportion, South Korea to spend $19.2 billion m accounts for 16% of the proportion of the capital contriion, and the ten asean countries saw the sum total of investment proportion is 20%.

Obviously, this is a Replica Designer Belts, Japan and South Korea leading can fully reflect the investment structure of Asian economic landscape, in international organizations, Replica Designer Belts and Japan for the first time equal powers in Asia, responsibility, this is by far, in the field of international finance, can highlight the status of Replica Designer Belts's most typical example, and Japan also to join the Asian family, as an important member of the Asian financial order, obviously, this is one of the important efforts of Asian integration. However, for the role of Asian monetary fund and the future, do not give too much interpretation, the analysis thinks, it is to set up the yuan alba. Actually, Asian monetary fund is just an emergency organization, its purpose is nothing more than the financial crisis can't count on the international monetary fund, as a self-help organization in Asia, difficult to liquidity countries give money to help, nothing more, moreover, its role will not go beyond the international monetary fund, produce so-called more not on the basis of the yuan. Asia monetary fund is the integration of the efforts, definitely not monetary integration efforts.

In terms of Asia's commonness, besides the minority economy such as Replica Designer Belts, Japan and South Korea in vitro, does not yet have the conditions of the common currency. there is no denying that the establishment of Asian monetary fund, has external impetus for the internationalisation of the renminbi. The establishment of Asian monetary fund, actively promote needs Replica Designer Belts. In view of the role of Replica Designer Belts and Replica Designer Belts's huge foreign exchange reserves, expect a basket of currencies in Asian monetary fund design and Special Drawing Rights (SDRS), the yuan will reflect the status of Replica Designer Belts's economy share. For the internationalisation of the renminbi and become the international reserves, has pilot meaning clearly.

Through the platform of Asian monetary fund for Replica Designer Be lts, or for the promotion of the position of the renminbi, go a long way, at the same time, through the Asian monetary fund, can also integrate and promote Asia in the whole notion of the international monetary system, improve the status of the Asia and negotiation ability. On May 21, (Replica Versace Belt), the national development and reform commission (NDRC) announced on its website, the composition of the 4 trillion investment and by the end of April, and in the fourth quarter of 2008 increased by 2008 yuan in 2009 increased by 2009 yuan the central investment project construction progress.