Cheap Gucci Belt And the excess capacity

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In fact, the central economic work conference will governance excess capacity as the focus of this year's economic work, governance and dissolve the backward production capacity to become the key structural adjustment and industrial transformation and breakthrough. Since this year, top management backward production capacity to extremely important height, xi jinping, li keqiang, general secretary of the prime minister has repeatedly stressed the importance of governance excess capacity and great significance. And related ministries issued a series of documents, advancing the excess capacity of governance issues, from the beginning of the ministry of twelve departments jointly issued about accelerating guidance of key industry enterprise merger and reorganization, in the year to may, the national development and reform commission, the ministry again jointly issued on resolutely curb blind expansion of excess industry capacity of notice, to dissolve the steel, cement, electrolytic aluminium, flat glass, such as ship industry overcapacity contradiction as the focus of this work.

In June, the state council executive meeting is decided, it is strictly prohibited to severe overcapacity industry illegal projects to provide new credit, this time the specific system puts forward five governance objectives and specific measures of the industry, to say, in the restructuring and transformation of the mode of development under the background of high excess capacity determined to play a game of governance to be completed. However, as is known to all, Gucci Belt Replica governance excess capacity is more than a decade, measures it is tough, determined not to be is not big, policy time, but awkwardly, a lot of industries with excess capacity for a long time into the governance capacity more more difficulties.

Even in some industries, a new batch of new production capacity, speed, far greater than the speed of the backward production capacity, lead to overcapacity. In fact, if is a true market mechanism, excess capacity can completely through the market mechanism, eliminated automatically by the price leverage, Gucci Store after bid farewell to shortage economy, in many areas have different degree of excess capacity problems, such as DVD, household appliances, and other fields, but due to the marketization degree is high, in the field of government intervention is relatively weak, the fierce competition in the market not only resolve the excess capacity, and promote the industry restructuring and the upgrading of industry.

Cheap Gucci Belt And the excess capacity is difficult to dissolve the industries and fields for a long time, mostly belong to the government intervention is very much, a lot of production capacity, more not because of business judgment of the market is wrong, but there are relations among local governments in it.