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This makes the deficiency of small loan companies on the system design, neither adequate financial resources, on the behavior and be restricted, cannot bear the function of financing for small and medium enterprises. It is in this case, proposed in the Gucci Belt gold can be converted to small loans company bank, gave a lot of local microfinance companies a great deal of hope.

At that time, the author to Fake Gucci Belt survey for many times, and some small loan companies, to a village Banks are looking forward to. Regrettably, however, two years has passed, microfinance firms into rural Banks not only has no real ice, no specific how to implement the guidance, the folk capital established bank real dream again.

Should be noted that both upfront money shortage events triggered by the financial risk, or excess capacity problems, as well as small and medium-sized enterprise long-term institutional financing problems, http://mancodebook.com/ root is the lag of financial reform and financial monopoly.

Why do a lot of credit funds only within the financial system with the cycle of self trading game, credit funds why like to inefficient overcapacity and government programs, credit funds why like to pursue high leverage and highly transparent high risk project finance? Real reason for financial sector reform lags behind. Because of financial repression and monopoly, leading to the real economy and between the financial development have become two skin: on the one hand, the real economy in the developing need to bear high cost of financing, on the one hand, artificial barriers to entry, improve banking financial shortage. In financial data in Gucci Store and the United States, for example.

At present, Gucci Belt Replica GDP is 40% in the United States, and look at the number of Banks, in the United States, named after the bank institutions there are more than 8500, and only call bank organizations in more than 300, the United States more than 30 times. Look at financial institutions for small and medium-sized enterprise service, it is scarce, the service for small and medium-sized enterprises of villages and towns bank of Gucci Store to now no more than 10, while the development of small loan companies are facing a lot of system obstacle.