ignored her any crying

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Finally, the sentence, I am also uncomfortable.

She did not know how his animal desire to suddenly come, so she now react to almost did not give her a little bit of the buffer period, and even she told him not to move, but he obviously bear very hard.

She was crying like a cry, now so early ... ...

It is because it is still early.

An Yan stunned for a second, so it was catch up early in the morning, because he would go to work for a while, so he had time to a gun?

Do not you like this ..., you really slag ... ...

In fact, she is now hurt, and this kind of thing to know the taste of her mind, she is not a pure innocent little girl, married for three years, she and Xiao Jing roll many times, are basically pleasant, and occasionally Xiao Jing also Will not life to toss her.

Anyan squinting, probably the first year, she was bad mood to go to the bar, come back late, that night, ignored her any crying, even if she had some drunk he did not care.

Afterwards, only to hear the villagers in the villa that day Xiao Jing looking for her for a long time, made a big meal at home temper.