in the eyes of

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Sleep before the moment she was still thinking, is not his face and figure, then he is a boring thing, simply no one would like.

But now Xiao Jing, in the eyes of others is the proper abstinence of the gods.


Now should be early, Anzhen has no desire to wake up, but the neck and clavicle came the feeling of hot and humid, and have a hand on her free.

The sky Xiwei, she opened a little bit of the eye joints, dawn, the man handsome face appeared on her top, anna raised his soft fingers to seize Xiao Jing support in the arm on the side of the arm, the skin surface , She can clearly feel his muscle spray.

Very ... ... masculine.

Anyan feel the body chilly, she whispered him, ... ...

The next moment, her voice sounded, Xiao Jingwei pull the lips humbled to stare at her, ah -

Anyan fiercely frowned staring at his handsome but slightly with the hostility of the face, nails deep into his arm flesh, men sweat low in her face, angrily frowned at him, fingers Force, the voice of aggrieved not, I am uncomfortable ... ...

Xiao Jing looked at her look, deep eyes hidden in a touch of deep, as if she particularly like her reaction, the man seems to be particularly like in bed to see their own woman's response.