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Accordingly, insurance law the revision of the original intention as long as it is for Fake Gucci Belt to broaden the investment channel of insurance funds, increase the long-term returns, rather than to encourage insurance funds to real estate speculation. But, look from now everyone's concerns, the media have apparently misread the insurance law the legislation purpose, drew public attention to mislead fry property of insurance funds that allow the public to the topic of concern.

This not only intention, and insurance law legislation more and the upcoming pilot measures for the administration of the insurance fund investment real estate is a far cry from the specific content of the. According to the author, hermes belt cheap the securities and futures commission the upcoming pilot measures for the administration of the insurance fund investment real estate, cheap louis vuiton belts in view of the insurance company in the field of real estate investment rusty and the reality of the lack of professionals, all on the system construction on the premise of effectively guard against and control risk. The investment main body, the specific direction proportion, the proportion of insurance funds can invest in real estate and investment patterns have made that clear.

On the investment ratio, for example, the percentage of 10% to 15% and the outside world widely, replica fendi belt the methods to control the investment ratio of 5%, the case in the present real estate boom, replica burberry handbags the proportion does have the function of the risk prevention; Again, for example, on the specific investment direction, circ clearly stressed that the investment of insurance funds in real estate, can only be invested in private office buildings, commercial and office, affordable replica belts and other affordable replica belts and endowment property, not directly involved in real estate development, more do not allow direct access to the property market


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The relatives of the

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The relatives of the dead finally chose the second set of plan, accidents have been processed. Then talked about it and the comrades working in the field of stable, they have normal, most of the excess deaths, are almost straight and come to an end, the compensate amount of how much is a kind of man-made, negotiations, stalemate, pressure, etc., all kinds of means to run out. From the perspective of the handling of the incident, let me sigh other; The rule of law throughout; The difficult, why the relatives of the dead is resolut e don't go through the legal process?

Ning to lead clappers, don't court judgment. It reveals some problems: one is the legal authority and credibility is greatly weakened. People don't believe in justice, only for power. Challenged, which on the one hand, the judicial fair laws are people worried about power, by fiddling with the leader; Dare not flatter judicial efficiency, on the other hand, time is long, there are several people dragged up; There is another dimension is the judicial sentence even if, I'm afraid to perform in place is also a problem.

The second is the medical accident treatment measures also questionable. The leadership of the health department also admitted that at that time now, there are also disadvantages of accident identification on the one hand is how to solve the problem of trust, that is to say, how do you let the dead or the patient's family believe that you are fair, I'm afraid o

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It was published in

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It was published in the Open it, the article on Xu Jinglei, from dusty memories found in the past, in fact, still alive in our hearts, let us not forget. Anime Past and Present cartoon is a trendy new word, has now become a popular culture fashion everywhere. From the streets to the local government pathetic state juvenile development of creative industries, we regard the animation hanging in the mouth: For a teenager, this is his favorite, for local government, which is their strong promotion of the industry. Today's animation industry has become a focal point of culture. I once visited Hangzhou in animation base, that scene is quite a shock, an entire floor is a huge hall, which numerous small office space, each space in a desk, a computer desk, a second young-ish busy working on the computer animation. Space is too big, Cheap Hermes Belts there is a shocking feeling. This scene reminds me of the early forms of industrialization era of mass production, but in fact the forefront of the creative industries can not work less processing. Think of those brilliant, full of whimsy anime have been such a production process that will find industrial-style production still has its irreplaceable aspects. But today's animation industry is creative play one side of a person, there are also side-volume production. On the one hand, Hugo-style home of their own creative people than ever have their own opportunities on the other hand, it also can not get rid of a lot of animation of miniature labor. But anyway, the animation seems to be a new thing, we are talking about Japan and other Asian countries to accomplish something in this regard, and our own original when there is a serious shortage, a little anxious, but in fact anime the core is that little bit of creativity, it seems to be inside the dish of salt, if not a little bit, and vegetables would not be able to eat. Large-scale processing of course, but no, there is no way to come up with their own ideas welcome products. Anime argument today in my small time does not exist. We have plenty of cartoons and comic books, and in fact, these are anime concept today, despite the differences, but still overlap each other. I can really understand comic books and cartoons in the late sixties. But then there is nothing animation and comic books, had a critical look at the big picture to break up the monotony, my impression childhood pictures peasants and soldiers often goes hand holding little red book in one hand and a large brush, pen pointing to some in the picture reactionaries picture corner. Occasionally published comic heroes are all about the Cultural Revolution era, if close together, Zhao Chun-comic story of the year is common. By the early seventies began publishing the type of slightly comic, but also have some animation can be seen. In addition to the inventory in the past at home, I remember first seeing the newly published comic called fishing island son. Actually created before the Cultural Revolution, but I do not know why access to the new publication. About a child Fujian coast of the island and the Kuomintang spies struggle. What impressed me most was the one of the island's landscape, the endless sea, the children playing on the beach run. This has been a huge attraction for us. Another one is entitled Message tree, my impression has been a bit vague, but also remember that during the Vietnam War, the Vietnamese children to pass messages in the message tree, reported the story of milita Replica Louis Vuitton Belts ry action. But the mystique that tropical jungle for I do have a strong appeal.