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This year gala sketch not bad money, the script may not be desired, but zhao benshan and little shenyang performance capability of men and the use of unique comedy atmosphere skills, can still make this sketch a success. This is really a culture has a unique charm. The charm comes from two aspects, one is in the long-term market performance of hone made unique talents. Due to traditional theatre there is intense competition and the reality of box office pressure, actor if there is no skills of a recruit fresh, it will be difficult to attract the audience. This is not only the traditional skill of men, is needs and appropriate to the development of new era and the audience's interest and change. Such as zhao benshan's good imitation, often used in imitation of rural old people, etc., the little shenyang is more fashionable change, such as singing the popular song more. This is the ability to mimic skills, but the object of imitation can keep pace with The Times. The long-term performance tempering know-how once you have a bigger platform and opportunities, there will be the performance of the incisively and vividly. Second, because of the long-term market performance, such as zhao benshan and little shenyang actors are in the field of extraordinary ability to fully grasp the audience's emotions, for modal has a deep understanding of worldly wisdom and life. So can let everyone fully interactive, can make whole atmosphere to the highest. The audience will be completely immersed in happy created dramatic performances. The core of the charm of course is the audience as the center, skills is a basic skill in order to be able to better performance.Zhao benshan's enormous influence and help for apprentice can actually very talented people stand out. It is this background, the small shenyang cyclone is likely to appear. Of course, the culture of men also exist not completely out of the weaknesses of the vulgar. Tend to limit the development of it in a huge platform and the performance of the depth, it will also become the bottleneck of its development. This is also need to be improved and conversion, but its ability and is always concerned about the audience and the audience interact directly response ability is the most precious thing, it is also worth continue to carry forward. At the same time, we are often asked the meaning of literature and art have a more profound social and cultural, of course it is reasonable. But on the other hand, allow people to have a relaxed, unweighted laugh, is also for the people lose face the pressure of life, Louis Vuitton Belt Cheap promote social harmony and healthy development has a positive meaning, unfavorable also give negative and simple easily kill sports and the Cheap Louis Vuitton Belts dream in 2008 the Olympic Games, of course, is 30 years Louis Vuitton Belts dream of the light the most splendid display, also the most proud moments of the Louis Vuitton Belts sports. What there is, Replica Louis Vuitton Belts of course, is not only a gold medal and achievements, but the rise of a country in its own historic process of overwhelming power and passion of youth, is also Cheap Louis Vuitton Belts's economic and social comprehensive strength. We don't have to do to the prosperity of sports and the development of national simple analogy, but only Cheap Louis Vuitton Belts today has a global influence, we could have such a splendid Olympic Games, we might be so calm calm state of mind to treat the Olympic Games. On the one hand, people feel euphoric and joy for the glory of victory, on the other hand, we are also able to calm in the face of setbacks. From americans for liu and the Louis Vuitton Belts women's volleyball team suffered a setback of generous and open manner, we can see that Cheap Louis Vuitton Belts's mature, also can see we pursue the Cheap Louis Vuitton Belts dream in thirty years there has been a wider field of vision and a broad mind. From today look back 30 years, Cheap Louis Vuitton Belts's development, we can find that sports in the course of Cheap Louis Vuitton Belts's reform and opening up, is not only a kind Cheap Louis Vuitton Belts of specific performance and achievements of the accumulation, but always has great spiritual power and cultural significance of the industry, its function and value of cannot be underestimated. The country's growth and development and growth of Cheap Louis Vuitton Belts's sports and the development has a profound internal relations between. I remember at the beginning of the Cheap Louis Vuitton Belts's reform and opening up in the late seventy s to seventy s, we just from the depressing atmosphere of cultural revolution, Cheap Louis Vuitton Belts just to see the outside world, feel the lack of our material and social lag behind.

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A rational rather than emotional society, calmly, not impatient society actually actually can progress faster, and more stable. Small shenyang cyclone enlightenment gala this year's most high-profile role seems to be a little shenyang. His true through gala became a household name, quickly become the focus of the society. Formed in the course of the Internet and print media buzz, and his way of image and language also became the imitation and appropriation of resources. Xiao shenyang in this economy facing challenges during the Spring Festival has become the happy prove, already become the most popular television and performance market figures, of course also caused the lights and the discussion of differences of opinion. The small shenyang cyclone there is no attenuation trend, but also reflects some of the aspects of the social and cultural changes, is worth reflection and discussion. Little shenyang fame, of course, or Spring Festival gala this platform in 26 years of development the enormous influence of proof. After 26 years of development, although there are opinions vary, but gala still is highly influential and undisputed. On the gala stage success still has a considerable effect, people often say shenyang is overnight success, it can't be said he had no accumulation, as long as have this stage can become famous, but said no this platform, is really a special skills, Cheap Hermes Belts and are difficult to be the audience an opportunity to learn Louis Vuitton Belts and global audience.

This shows gala with the cultural effect is still an important and irreplaceable, while this year's Spring Festival gala trying to find the past gala interactive and lively artistically section purpose efforts also won social recognition. Spring Festival gala is still the greatest common divisor of social life, is still a big festival eve the new folk. In this stage is a great opportunity and test, and success in this arena, means that one of the world's biggest audience. It is in little shenyang has once again proven here. The success of the little shenyang actually means marked by zhao benshan also come from the northeast legend culture is still in the continuation and development. This since the 1990 s developed the unique phenomenon of the gala stage, Cheap Louis Vuitton Belts in recent years has continued to expand and extend. Here, northeast errenzhuan culture on the one hand, through the liu laogen stage and other venues successfully maintain and develop its own cultural characteristics and traditional skills, but also retain the direct, face-to-face inter Louis Vuitton Belt Cheap action between it and the audience. Through sketch comedy, drama, etc, on the other hand, form the men in terms of talent cultivation by the broader development space, makes the men beyond their own regional development in the new form. In the form, no longer exist in the traditional way, but its many important basic elements through efforts such as writers, directors and actors, permeate into other forms of art. This is both a traditional farming era circulated by the continuation of cultural forms, is new to the development of cultural industry. Can say, the men is no longer merely the northeast is a traditional folk art, and has been converted into a nationwide influence and through various media such as television, network radiation unique culture industry resources.

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In other words, the current from the current Hermes belt replica real estate market policy, foreign funds even legally enter , Fake Hermes Belt to enter the real estate market have strict restrictions , so for those who illegally enter foreign capital is concerned, to enter the Hermes belt replica real estate market is certainly facing huge policy risk. In this case , foreign capital can freely enter the real estate market it? Even foreign capital into the real estate market is severely restricted , then foreign capital to push through what means domestic prices it? Also, recently the domestic real estate market there is a general return to the rational , there lies a huge change in the current real estate market situation occurred. This change is not only the requirements of the development of the real estate market itself , but from the entire current environment, there are several aspects of Replica Hermes Belt the real estate market prices adjusted downwards to create conditions. First, the real estate market price adjustment is basically the result of government real estate policy changes . And this led to the livelihood of real estate market policies , in a relatively long period of time is not going to change. Second, the huge changes in the domestic financial market environment , for example , replica hermes belt's stock market index fell more than half by the end of 2007 , which naturally is not conducive to the purchaser to obtain funds . And this trend of the stock market in the short term will not change. Third, after the earthquake , not only for earthquakes near the real estate market will have a huge impact , residents will also affect domestic consumption concept of real estate and investment philosophy. And this idea of real estate for the residents of the estate 's consumption will play a huge role . It can be said that in this environment , the Government needs to further the implementation of the real estate market for the livelihood of the market, and this allows the implementation of existing policies seriously , then the domestic real estate market prices downward adjustment is inevitable. Also, the domestic real estate market prices fully to return to reason, is that the full implementation of the domestic real estate market, real estate property of the State Council , the policy to crack down on speculation , and resolutely put the real estate market speculation wind cleared out . Just reduce the proportion of investment in the real estate market , so that the real estate market has become a livelihood in the market , to crack down on speculation in the real estate market , then the domestic real estate market bubble will be able to extrusion. To do this, regulators began to adopt strict standards of personal housing mortgage hermes belt market access for individual housing mortgage hermes belt taken by the authenticity of the principle of revenue , such as requiring replicas housing hermes belt to individuals who produce wage statements, personal income tax single- unit payroll, create a personal credit system , etc., which may be the real estate market investors out of the market gradually . Now , the domestic residents to enter the real estate investment should be strictly limited , so do the Hermes belt replica government would allow foreign hot money into replica hermes belt's real estate market speculation and manufactured at risk? Of course, foreign ca Replica Hermes Belts pital into the real estate market is subject to various restrictions , but not the money to be able to buy Hermes belt replica housing, since foreign capital into the real estate market is limited, so foreign investors to come again and again high prices is impossible.