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we see that these data, in December 2009, that was the reversal of blowout: in December, imports and exports rose 32.7% year-on-year, the export of 130.73 billion yuan, the monthly export creates a record, Cheap Gucci Belts overtaking Germany as the world's first exporter. More than $5000 in December, fiscal revenue, year-on-year growth 56.5%, hit a record high since this century. Judging by quarter, an increase of 6.1% in the first quarter after began to rebound, the second quarter growth of 7.9%, 8.9% in the third quarter, in the fourth quarter is as high as 10.7%, again to achieve double-digit growth. Given according to the result of the second national economic census, in 2008, the economic data have been adjusted, the economic growth rate reached 9.6% in 2008, this means that, in fact, 8.7% of the growth earlier than scheduled protect eight goals in fact more a full percentage point. According to the current exchange rate, the total amount of Fake Gucci Belt economy had reached $4.92 trillion, in the first half of 2010 to surpass $5 trillion should be no big problem, by then, Cheap Gucci Belts will be after the United States and Japan, the third national GDP exceed $5 trillion. Correspond to 8.7%, is under the loose monetary policy, the public concern about the future price. If simply watch price index of the Gucci Belt Replica, deputy whole year Gucci Belt Replica growth by 0.7% in 2009, the trend of rising prices seems to be not obvious, but in fact, if we carefully analyze the Gucci Belt Replica in the changing process of 2009 and 2009, the base of the Gucci Belt Replica, cannot be wrong price give enough vigilance in the future.

fake gucci belts two sets of mortgage

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As many comments, replica louboutin shoes in the case of developers monopoly information and pricing power, such measures as records are just tap. Is the government really take house prices there is no way, still don't want to let house prices fall, this is a major problem about reputation of public policy. Seeking truth from facts, the current real estate counter-cyclical rise, has made the government's credibility in house prices is impartiality.

Needless to say, if you don't have the extremely loose monetary policy, if there is no bank violations to cooperate cheap hermes belts , to release two sets of mortgage, if there is no local government bail-out of racking their brains, the real estate could have finished the adjustment period of itself, to return to health. this part of the real estate bubble foam can be regarded as illegal. Now that is the result of violations, irrational to twist the replica belts price rising bridle, the blow in the past, I'm afraid the way such as cover plate, I'm afrai cheap versace sunglasses d only perfunctory public opinion. In fact, if governments want to rational regression house prices, besides hit land hoarding, increasing the supply of land, the author thinks that, control prices are actually very simple. First of all, the shut the head of the credit.

Since the monetary policy caused the irrational exuberance of the price of the house, the first should be real estate finance policy strictly. Money out of the property market to let a lot of irregularities in the property market, fake gucci belts two sets of mortgage policy strictly, rather than give a further misleading signals, released 2 sets such as mortgage rates fall of error information. History proves that as long as strict credit policy, to raise the capital ratios of ordinary commercial replica belts, real estate will answer and left. the real public information of the real estate market.

Chaos in the real estate information has become the biggest disgrace to Replica Gucci Belts statistics, the current information about real estate supply and price of the key basic monopoly in the hands of interest groups, they by selective release information, regulating the market, let ordinary people as they dance baton, the real estate market of the biggest injustice is the monopoly of information, and in the case of the national house prices soaring, the national development and reform commission has statistics house prices rose by only 1%, how funny.


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Cheap Gucci Belt And the excess capacity

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In fact, the central economic work conference will governance excess capacity as the focus of this year's economic work, governance and dissolve the backward production capacity to become the key structural adjustment and industrial transformation and breakthrough. Since this year, top management backward production capacity to extremely important height, xi jinping, li keqiang, general secretary of the prime minister has repeatedly stressed the importance of governance excess capacity and great significance. And related ministries issued a series of documents, advancing the excess capacity of governance issues, from the beginning of the ministry of twelve departments jointly issued about accelerating guidance of key industry enterprise merger and reorganization, in the year to may, the national development and reform commission, the ministry again jointly issued on resolutely curb blind expansion of excess industry capacity of notice, to dissolve the steel, cement, electrolytic aluminium, flat glass, such as ship industry overcapacity contradiction as the focus of this work.

In June, the state council executive meeting is decided, it is strictly prohibited to severe overcapacity industry illegal projects to provide new credit, this time the specific system puts forward five governance objectives and specific measures of the industry, to say, in the restructuring and transformation of the mode of development under the background of high excess capacity determined to play a game of governance to be completed. However, as is known to all, Gucci Belt Replica governance excess capacity is more than a decade, measures it is tough, determined not to be is not big, policy time, but awkwardly, a lot of industries with excess capacity for a long time into the governance capacity more more difficulties.

Even in some industries, a new batch of new production capacity, speed, far greater than the speed of the backward production capacity, lead to overcapacity. In fact, if is a true market mechanism, excess capacity can completely through the market mechanism, eliminated automatically by the price leverage, Gucci Store after bid farewell to shortage economy, in many areas have different degree of excess capacity problems, such as DVD, household appliances, and other fields, but due to the marketization degree is high, in the field of government intervention is relatively weak, the fierce competition in the market not only resolve the excess capacity, and promote the industry restructuring and the upgrading of industry.

Cheap Gucci Belt And the excess capacity is difficult to dissolve the industries and fields for a long time, mostly belong to the government intervention is very much, a lot of production capacity, more not because of business judgment of the market is wrong, but there are relations among local governments in it.