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That is to say, Replica Gucci Belt financial institutions in general does not support the development of the real economy, the financial shortage, under the condition of scarce financial resources will only choose a big enterprise, big customers, and will not flow to small and medium-sized enterprise field.

With financial resources per capita is see again, in 1990, the per capita of financial assets is 247 times of Gucci Store, now although there was a narrow gap, but they are still more than 60 times in Gucci Store.

The root of the financial shortage, underdeveloped financial is financial monopoly. In the case of financial monopoly, we see that although Gucci Store has been stressed financial to service the real economy, but due to the monopoly of big Banks and financial inhibition, Gucci Belt Replica banking institutions not only small, and the high barriers to entry, folk can't give the masses of small and medium-sized enterprises to provide financial services, caused the shortage of human.

Gucci Belt Replica financial sector is the most important is still the problem of insufficient supply, only let go of the financial sector monopoly, can inhibit the banking profits at the same time, the ways to construct the more reasonable financing of small and medium-sized enterprises. So the guidance of the state council put forward again to encourage private capital to set up private Banks, has seized the Replica Gucci Belt financial industry is the most critical problem, and resolve Gucci Belt Replica system of financial risk. It should be noted that some of Gucci Belt Replica financial sector risk as the real economy has been highlighted, but Gucci Belt Replica financial industry open time did not close the window.

Any open is risky, but it turns out that there is no risk than the financial sector is not open to induce a greater risk of. Must be determined, with greater wisdom and boldness, accelerate the pace of banking openness, only a large number of private Banks become the mainstream of financial institutions, financial shortage and the mismatch of financial resources too.

Recently, the state council issued about resolving contradictions of severe overcapacity guidelines (hereinafter referred to as guidelines), for steel, cement, electrolytic aluminium, flat glass, shipping and so on five big industry serious excess capacity set new goals and requirements, at the same time put forward including the fiscal and taxation, price, finance, land, environmental protection and employee allocation, and a series of policies and measures, in order to use five years to thoroughly solve the problem of overcapacity in five industries.

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This makes the deficiency of small loan companies on the system design, neither adequate financial resources, on the behavior and be restricted, cannot bear the function of financing for small and medium enterprises. It is in this case, proposed in the Gucci Belt gold can be converted to small loans company bank, gave a lot of local microfinance companies a great deal of hope.

At that time, the author to Fake Gucci Belt survey for many times, and some small loan companies, to a village Banks are looking forward to. Regrettably, however, two years has passed, microfinance firms into rural Banks not only has no real ice, no specific how to implement the guidance, the folk capital established bank real dream again.

Should be noted that both upfront money shortage events triggered by the financial risk, or excess capacity problems, as well as small and medium-sized enterprise long-term institutional financing problems, root is the lag of financial reform and financial monopoly.

Why do a lot of credit funds only within the financial system with the cycle of self trading game, credit funds why like to inefficient overcapacity and government programs, credit funds why like to pursue high leverage and highly transparent high risk project finance? Real reason for financial sector reform lags behind. Because of financial repression and monopoly, leading to the real economy and between the financial development have become two skin: on the one hand, the real economy in the developing need to bear high cost of financing, on the one hand, artificial barriers to entry, improve banking financial shortage. In financial data in Gucci Store and the United States, for example.

At present, Gucci Belt Replica GDP is 40% in the United States, and look at the number of Banks, in the United States, named after the bank institutions there are more than 8500, and only call bank organizations in more than 300, the United States more than 30 times. Look at financial institutions for small and medium-sized enterprise service, it is scarce, the service for small and medium-sized enterprises of villages and towns bank of Gucci Store to now no more than 10, while the development of small loan companies are facing a lot of system obstacle.

Through the platform of

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And in May 2007 to set up in the form of foreign exchange reserve. In February 2009, in the face of crisis in generations, all parties and is committed to the preparation of regional foreign exchange reserve funds from $80 billion to $120 billion, so far, Asian monetary fund taking shape. From the parties bear the share, Replica Designer Belts and Japan have invested $38.4 billion, accounting for 32% of the investment proportion, South Korea to spend $19.2 billion m accounts for 16% of the proportion of the capital contriion, and the ten asean countries saw the sum total of investment proportion is 20%.

Obviously, this is a Replica Designer Belts, Japan and South Korea leading can fully reflect the investment structure of Asian economic landscape, in international organizations, Replica Designer Belts and Japan for the first time equal powers in Asia, responsibility, this is by far, in the field of international finance, can highlight the status of Replica Designer Belts's most typical example, and Japan also to join the Asian family, as an important member of the Asian financial order, obviously, this is one of the important efforts of Asian integration. However, for the role of Asian monetary fund and the future, do not give too much interpretation, the analysis thinks, it is to set up the yuan alba. Actually, Asian monetary fund is just an emergency organization, its purpose is nothing more than the financial crisis can't count on the international monetary fund, as a self-help organization in Asia, difficult to liquidity countries give money to help, nothing more, moreover, its role will not go beyond the international monetary fund, produce so-called more not on the basis of the yuan. Asia monetary fund is the integration of the efforts, definitely not monetary integration efforts.

In terms of Asia's commonness, besides the minority economy such as Replica Designer Belts, Japan and South Korea in vitro, does not yet have the conditions of the common currency. there is no denying that the establishment of Asian monetary fund, has external impetus for the internationalisation of the renminbi. The establishment of Asian monetary fund, actively promote needs Replica Designer Belts. In view of the role of Replica Designer Belts and Replica Designer Belts's huge foreign exchange reserves, expect a basket of currencies in Asian monetary fund design and Special Drawing Rights (SDRS), the yuan will reflect the status of Replica Designer Belts's economy share. For the internationalisation of the renminbi and become the international reserves, has pilot meaning clearly.

Through the platform of Asian monetary fund for Replica Designer Be lts, or for the promotion of the position of the renminbi, go a long way, at the same time, through the Asian monetary fund, can also integrate and promote Asia in the whole notion of the international monetary system, improve the status of the Asia and negotiation ability. On May 21, (Replica Versace Belt), the national development and reform commission (NDRC) announced on its website, the composition of the 4 trillion investment and by the end of April, and in the fourth quarter of 2008 increased by 2008 yuan in 2009 increased by 2009 yuan the central investment project construction progress.