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Why see my blog yan zhao door event subsequent plot suspect in kunming. The original address: kunming officials yanzhao events review author: li yinhe after 10 days of tumult, the evening of August 9, cheap versace belts kunming police reported the matter the results of a survey: this in kunming municipal development and reform commission officials into one to be use yanzhao extortion. Four suspects through Internet dating sites, looking for looking for to into one, seduce them into homes licentious, secretly use camera to shoot fornication scenes secrets to be video, again with video capture to coerce, into a implementation of extortion. (Replica Versace Belt news, fake versace belt August 10, 2011) comments are as follows: firstly, the case was an extortion case. In the cases of extortion case, one is the victim. It's a bit like folk commonly known as fairy jump case: good trap by the criminals in advance, to lure the victim the bait, and then USES the fear of exposure to extort money. Second, the second, the case is a licentious. In licentious case, into one and four others were participants. Although compared with nanjing ma case if the circumstances are different, the case is all take part in voluntary, as a case to be set a trap to seduce, replica versace belt but does not change the nature of the licentious. Third, group licentiousness has conflict with the constitution protection of citizens' personal freedom. Sex, in principle, the participants as long as it doesn't violate voluntarily, in private places, participants are the three basic principles for adults, the criminal law should not, because this behavior should belong to the category of citizens freedom of the person of the protected rights. Some violation of customs shall be taken by ethics to regulate, rather than by the criminal law to regulate. Four, not in violation of the principle of voluntary, privacy, adult three but in violation of the social customs and ethics of sexual behavior has a lot of kinds, if use the criminal law to punish is impossible, is also wrong. For example: example 1: sex outside marriage, lover, mistresses. It is against social conventions and against marriage commitment to behavior loyalty. But apart from a few Arab countries have adultery woman was stoned to death by stoning, most countries are not criminal punishment sex outside marriage. Modify the marriage law, a proposal will pack two milks delimit bigamy, by the criminal law on the punishment, but the proposal was rejected, practice of maintaining the moral punishment only such behavior. Example 2: incest. This is violation of social ethics. But in addition to involve children under the age of 14 can applicable statutory rape crime, there is no specific punishment of criminal law and regulations. Generally by the moral and ethical norm constraint. Example 3: three or more sexual activity. In violation of the general social ethics, but in reality a lot. Before cancel hooliganism in 1997, the criminal law punishment actually all sex outside of marriage (example: a woman with multiple men sex, namely arrested on hooliganism jail time); After the cancellation of hooliganism, no longer punish all the sex outside of marriage, to punish only three or more sexual behavior (group licentiousness. However, seldom use punishment 3 p behavior of the criminal law countries around the world. In criminal law punishment 3 p violate the personal freedom rights of the parties, for the Verace Belt law to shame.

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1950 s in view of the ku Klux Klan speech: we will be your ability to endure hardship, to fight you manufacture ability of suffering. We will use the power of our soul, physical violence against you. We will not resort to hate to you, but we will not give in to your unjust laws. You can continue to do you want to do to us, but we still love you. You placed bombs experience in our home, threatening our children, let you wear KKK peaked cap MOBS into our community, you hit us in some of the side of the road, we beat to death and dying. However, we still love you. Not long after, cheap versace belts our ability to endure hardship will run out of your hatred. When we get free, we will awaken your conscience, you won. -- I have a dream -- close look at the third food safety law enforcement inspection group of the NPC standing committee recently completed to check, it is understood that in 2200 kinds of food additives in our country at present, have a inspection standard only accounted for nearly forty percent of the total. This also means that sixty percent of food additives cannot be detected. Health ministry officials said, the country detect any components should have the basis, the use of any detection methods need to be by demonstrating experiment many times, finally, replica versace belt the test method listed in the national standard, but determine the testing method of the research process is more complex. (on June 16, the Replica Versace Belt times) recent media exposure of some food safety incidents, such as beef paste, fake versace belt dyeing steamed bread, plasticizer, etc., mostly related to food illegal or abuse of food additives, made people talk more. As one of food safety supervision department, the ministry of health of the natural feeling stressed, this cannot be detected and more complex, was probably trying to express such a meaning: on the regulation of food additives, the best we can do under the, where there are some loopholes, the reason is that some can't keep up with current technology means. The so-called not not for also, cannot be also. It is science, a very sincere attitude, words to this sake, the public should understand that wde Replica Versace Belt authorities. Sixty percent food additive can't test, after all, is a let people hard to accept the fact that the original all kinds of food additives, we usually eat more than even the ministry of health is unable to determine whether harmful to human body. In fact, as long as the query of the ministry of health in 2002 enacted the measures for the administration of the food additives, health will know, cannot be detected from the ministry of health of mouth say it is a very funny and very sad thing. Is the way to clear the ministry of health department for examination and approval of food additives, including article 6 stipulates that apply for the production or use of new varieties of food additives, inspection method of this kind of new food additives shall be submitted to the ministry of health. That is to say, if some kind of food additives, cannot be detected for examination and approval of the ministry of health to be gained in theory, is also unable to enter the market. Therefore, cannot be detected to prevaricate regulatory loopholes, logically appear contradictory.

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hebei province hanshan district district hai-zhong zhang was found in the neck fracture in the office, death caused many events in the local suspicion. On July 12, 6 PM later, handan city public security bureau held briefings, case planning and the ministry of public security, henan provincial public security experts after the joint investigation confirmed that hai-zhong zhang suicide is a major depressive disorder, he may be killed. Can't remember hai-zhong zhang is which officials who die of depression. You have cloud: suicide officials more depression, petitioners are nervous. Depression to death is a kind of relatively pure dead method, no dark side. The dead is anathema to no one, to kill, no darkness officialdom intrigue, no corruption when after his suicide, no third party involvement of love/hate, more is not what's been speculation, and hai-zhong zhang is in charge of demolition work what to do. Wood has everything. He just depression, and then naturally, take kitchen knife cut his own throat. Police evidence chain is complete: doors and Windows are intact, all in a state of lock inside; Window without climb, trampling marks; The items put normal, without turning, struggled... At this point, we should no longer doubt what. How much more people die for large, say 3 four, is disrespect for the dead. Let's believe that the official version. Just, this world there is no love without reason, no hate without a reason, less depressed for no apparent reason. One person familiar with the handan, he know hai-zhong zhang for many years, the person personality optimistic, generous, often help the song at the banquet. Such a person, how suddenly depression? According to media incomplete statistics, since 2009, there have been more than a dozen officials depression to death, from the provincial level, internal, versace belt replica county level to level, are not immune. Death be officialdom epidemic of depression, which makes people worried, also very depressed, officials are so depressed, how can be happy to serve for the people? Every official depression to death, the official explanation is usually the official working pressure is in a state of tension for a long time, so depressed to death. The theory of thin, similarly has the working pressure, the anxiety that ordinary people are laid off, cut, but officials often absolute returns; Also suffer from depression, ordinary people may not have sufficient condition to go to a doctor cure, but officials have socialized medicine, not because of illness to poor - why we see an official depressed dead, rare people die pressure? People's BBS magazine for more than 100 officials of the country's mental health through investigation, found that more than 80% of the officials, especially the grassroots officials, widespread greater psychological pressure. Among them, 64.65% of respondents believe that the pressure of the official source mainly from officialdom hidden rules for personal political future pressure. I think, the official rules for personal political fut versace belt cheap ure pressure is cause the officials die of depression. In other words, not official depression, but depression of power. Officials and mental stress, and even the suicide of depression, it should be said that the main exposed the official selection and some problems on the management system. For now, is to establish a can into can back as soon as possible, can the can, open and transparent, the civil service management mechanism, allow officials to rational look at personal political future, also can have more channels to release inner anxiety and discomfort. Power operation, moreover, opaque, resulting in some of our officials in numerous temptation and pressure between the anti-corruption, mentality imbalances, often prone to severe psychological crisis. How to treat officialdom depression? It is an old saying goes: to let the power to run in the sunlight. Officialdom dark side, officials psychological pressure will be smaller. Power not depression, fake versace belt officials did not depression. Officials don't depression, we won't depressed. Black American civil rights leader Martin Luther King, jr.