ignored her any crying

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Finally, the sentence, I am also uncomfortable.

She did not know how his animal desire to suddenly come, so she now react to almost did not give her a little bit of the buffer period, and even she told him not to move, but he obviously bear very hard.

She was crying like a cry, now so early ... ...

It is because it is still early.

An Yan stunned for a second, so it was catch up early in the morning, because he would go to work for a while, so he had time to a gun?

Do not you like this ..., you really slag ... ...

In fact, she is now hurt, and this kind of thing to know the taste of her mind, she is not a pure innocent little girl, married for three years, she and Xiao Jing roll many times, are basically pleasant, and occasionally Xiao Jing also Will not life to toss her.

Anyan squinting, probably the first year, she was bad mood to go to the bar, come back late, that night, ignored her any crying, even if she had some drunk he did not care.

Afterwards, only to hear the villagers in the villa that day Xiao Jing looking for her for a long time, made a big meal at home temper.

in the eyes of

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Sleep before the moment she was still thinking, is not his face and figure, then he is a boring thing, simply no one would like.

But now Xiao Jing, in the eyes of others is the proper abstinence of the gods.


Now should be early, Anzhen has no desire to wake up, but the neck and clavicle came the feeling of hot and humid, and have a hand on her free.

The sky Xiwei, she opened a little bit of the eye joints, dawn, the man handsome face appeared on her top, anna raised his soft fingers to seize Xiao Jing support in the arm on the side of the arm, the skin surface , She can clearly feel his muscle spray.

Very ... ... masculine.

Anyan feel the body chilly, she whispered him, ... ...

The next moment, her voice sounded, Xiao Jingwei pull the lips humbled to stare at her, ah -

Anyan fiercely frowned staring at his handsome but slightly with the hostility of the face, nails deep into his arm flesh, men sweat low in her face, angrily frowned at him, fingers Force, the voice of aggrieved not, I am uncomfortable ... ...

Xiao Jing looked at her look, deep eyes hidden in a touch of deep, as if she particularly like her reaction, the man seems to be particularly like in bed to see their own woman's response.

good intentions is to give the local structural adjustment and transformation of a more relaxed environment, by increasing the tolerance of economic slowdown, improve economic sustainability and quality, can be said , The decline in revenue growth, is the pain must go over the first hurdle, where I am afraid to adapt to the income of the normal growth of the single digits of the fact. The negative growth of fiscal revenue is not terrible, terrible is taboo jealousy, can not pain to resolve, get rid of dependence on real estate, return to the past is not sustainable development of the old road. Wenzhou financial reform is still in the fermentation of heat. Recently, fake ferragamo belt Province has passed the Wenzhou financial reform pilot area program specific implementation details, and to the East, ready to introduce "Zhejiang Province on accelerating the development of financial reform a number of opinions", the Wenzhou financial reform experience and radiation effects expanded to the whole Province, the private capital of Zhejiang developed into a real financial province. According to the media disclosure of the "Wenzhou City, the comprehensive reform of the pilot area of ??the implementation of the program" (submitted draft) content, Wenzhou, the State Council to determine the 12 reform pilot task breakdown breakdown, discharged a package of more than 50 pilot key work Projects, as well as the need for higher levels to help support the reform project. For the main goal of Wenzhou financial reform, Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Chen Derong's profile is: 2012 new 30 small loan companies, 2013, the total number of 100, to achieve the city functional area and the central town full coverage; 2012 banking financial institutions Municipal branches basically set up small business franchise agencies to complete the rural cooperative financial institutions shareholding system reform work; 2013 villages and towns and other new rural financial institutions and branches, to achieve the county (city, district) full coverage. Based on this, Wenzhou will focus on the establishment of a set of leadership system, the establishment of financial reform pilot area implementation of the leading district, the formation of six special working groups, the formation of a number of key projects to promote the Office, the project is responsible for the implementation of the program, Batch of key projects, the construction of a number of financial platform, the introduction of cultivating a number of high-end talent, run financial forums and seminars, to speed up the comprehensive reform of Wenzhou financial reform pilot area. It can be said that from the March 28 executive meeting of the State Council adopted the Wenzhou financial reform comprehensive pilot area since the overall program, Wenzhou to seize this rare historical opportunity to start for the Wenzhou financial big trick for the layout, the national financial experts, financial supervision Departments and financial media continue to go to Wenzhou, financial reform advice, the author also went to Wenzhou