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means that the mortgage rate has exceeded 10%, above rates equal to at least four times, the purchasing power for compression is a highly lethal. If some time ago, foshan ease restrictions be interpreted as the tentative measures of local government, and fuelled speculation on the property market is relaxed, is the commercial bank's move, make this speculation has no credibility, bank initiative away from the local government and developers in the community of interests, moves to let the property market can not complicated, the arrival of the price inflection point is just a matter of time. In terms of the present situation of real estate, if don't loose policy, housing prices return to rational political commitments is the final endgame: first, after more than a year of policy of high pressure, the real estate investment boom is obvious at low tide, the slump in real estate transactions, replica ferragamo belt golden nine silver ten has become a bubble, first-tier cities such as Beijing, guangzhou, Shanghai, its lowest level in nearly three years of trading volumes; Second, the housing prices has been loose signal obviously. The national bureau of statistics about real estate data shows that in August, 70 large and medium-sized cities, there have been 16 cities housing prices fell, 30 cities house price rises stops, and some cities fall exhibitions will appear a lot of sales promotion means; Third, the majority of city innovation high inventory, of which, the inventory of 14 major cities will need about 15 months digestion, and Beijing housing inventory of more than 100000 sets, the supply and demand balance of power there has been a marked change; Fourthly, developers of the capital chain tension, most enterprise, the asset-liability ratio of over 70%, greentown real estate debt ratios as high as 140% above, either in prices, or collapse edge of life and death. However, Versace Belt real estate game traditionally are complex and violent, until the last moment for speaking out of turn not victory, in particular, the recent European and American sovereign debt crisis triggered by the risk of the global economy back into recession, forcing developers to easing the illusion of strong, and for a long time local governments rely on land finance reality also gave the real estate continued strong enough confidence. part of the bank

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For example, in the current domestic inflation pressure, especially under the condition of high oil prices, to promote resource tax reform must be combined with oil product pricing mechanism reform, considering the withstanding capability of the enterprises and individuals, and made the reforms to avoid short-term impact on the people's livelihood. For the difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises should introduce some more protective measures. If the increase in the price of resource is further squeeze the public space of income and consumption ability, paying only ordinary people, replica versace belt is the reform will be in an unsupported embarrassing predicament, losing the foundation of public support. 13 this month, Ferragamo Belt construction bank Beijing branch will be the first suite loan interest rates to 1.05 times the benchmark interest rate, triggered a chain reaction of the market. According to some media statistics, at present already has 14 cities in Ferragamo Belt raised its benchmark interest rate at the first set of housing, the highest rise at an alarming 50%. In fact, earlier this year, part of the bank of Shanghai, hangzhou and other cities have been raised first home loan interest rates, from 08 rescue 7 fold, 8.5 fold preferential raised to the benchmark interest rate, is on the basis of the benchmark interest rates continue to rise 5% to 5%, even 50%. This to have been in the last stage locked still slightly hazy real estate market, dropped a dazzling flare. Commercial Banks in this key point in time, according to the risk of real estate market, decided to raise the first set of housing the benchmark interest rate, the iron triangle of Ferragamo Belt real estate interests chain, the local government, developers and bank, the first to use interest rate for the future prices bad-mouthing institutions, real estate entrenched interests chain was finally market through a small incision. Commercial Banks to raise interest rates, the future effect on the real estate market is obvious, the first set of mortgage interest rates raised to the benchmark interest rate from the previous 7 fold, again from the benchmark interest rates to rise 5% to 30%, means that buyers of actual interest costs increased by 30% to 30%, according to the largest rise in 50%

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we see that these data, in December 2009, that was the reversal of blowout: in December, imports and exports rose 32.7% year-on-year, the export of 130.73 billion yuan, the monthly export creates a record, Cheap Gucci Belts overtaking Germany as the world's first exporter. More than $5000 in December, fiscal revenue, year-on-year growth 56.5%, hit a record high since this century. Judging by quarter, an increase of 6.1% in the first quarter after began to rebound, the second quarter growth of 7.9%, 8.9% in the third quarter, in the fourth quarter is as high as 10.7%, again to achieve double-digit growth. Given according to the result of the second national economic census, in 2008, the economic data have been adjusted, the economic growth rate reached 9.6% in 2008, this means that, in fact, 8.7% of the growth earlier than scheduled protect eight goals in fact more a full percentage point. According to the current exchange rate, the total amount of Fake Gucci Belt economy had reached $4.92 trillion, in the first half of 2010 to surpass $5 trillion should be no big problem, by then, Cheap Gucci Belts will be after the United States and Japan, the third national GDP exceed $5 trillion. Correspond to 8.7%, is under the loose monetary policy, the public concern about the future price. If simply watch price index of the Gucci Belt Replica, deputy whole year Gucci Belt Replica growth by 0.7% in 2009, the trend of rising prices seems to be not obvious, but in fact, if we carefully analyze the Gucci Belt Replica in the changing process of 2009 and 2009, the base of the Gucci Belt Replica, cannot be wrong price give enough vigilance in the future.