good intentions is to give the local structural adjustment and transformation of a more relaxed environment, by increasing the tolerance of economic slowdown, improve economic sustainability and quality, can be said , The decline in revenue growth, is the pain must go over the first hurdle, where I am afraid to adapt to the income of the normal growth of the single digits of the fact. The negative growth of fiscal revenue is not terrible, terrible is taboo jealousy, can not pain to resolve, get rid of dependence on real estate, return to the past is not sustainable development of the old road. Wenzhou financial reform is still in the fermentation of heat. Recently, fake ferragamo belt Province has passed the Wenzhou financial reform pilot area program specific implementation details, and to the East, ready to introduce "Zhejiang Province on accelerating the development of financial reform a number of opinions", the Wenzhou financial reform experience and radiation effects expanded to the whole Province, the private capital of Zhejiang developed into a real financial province. According to the media disclosure of the "Wenzhou City, the comprehensive reform of the pilot area of ??the implementation of the program" (submitted draft) content, Wenzhou, the State Council to determine the 12 reform pilot task breakdown breakdown, discharged a package of more than 50 pilot key work Projects, as well as the need for higher levels to help support the reform project. For the main goal of Wenzhou financial reform, Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Chen Derong's profile is: 2012 new 30 small loan companies, 2013, the total number of 100, to achieve the city functional area and the central town full coverage; 2012 banking financial institutions Municipal branches basically set up small business franchise agencies to complete the rural cooperative financial institutions shareholding system reform work; 2013 villages and towns and other new rural financial institutions and branches, to achieve the county (city, district) full coverage. Based on this, Wenzhou will focus on the establishment of a set of leadership system, the establishment of financial reform pilot area implementation of the leading district, the formation of six special working groups, the formation of a number of key projects to promote the Office, the project is responsible for the implementation of the program, Batch of key projects, the construction of a number of financial platform, the introduction of cultivating a number of high-end talent, run financial forums and seminars, to speed up the comprehensive reform of Wenzhou financial reform pilot area. It can be said that from the March 28 executive meeting of the State Council adopted the Wenzhou financial reform comprehensive pilot area since the overall program, Wenzhou to seize this rare historical opportunity to start for the Wenzhou financial big trick for the layout, the national financial experts, financial supervision Departments and financial media continue to go to Wenzhou, financial reform advice, the author also went to Wenzhou

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means that the mortgage rate has exceeded 10%, above rates equal to at least four times, the purchasing power for compression is a highly lethal. If some time ago, foshan ease restrictions be interpreted as the tentative measures of local government, and fuelled speculation on the property market is relaxed, is the commercial bank's move, make this speculation has no credibility, bank initiative away from the local government and developers in the community of interests, moves to let the property market can not complicated, the arrival of the price inflection point is just a matter of time. In terms of the present situation of real estate, if don't loose policy, housing prices return to rational political commitments is the final endgame: first, after more than a year of policy of high pressure, the real estate investment boom is obvious at low tide, the slump in real estate transactions, replica ferragamo belt golden nine silver ten has become a bubble, first-tier cities such as Beijing, guangzhou, Shanghai, its lowest level in nearly three years of trading volumes; Second, the housing prices has been loose signal obviously. The national bureau of statistics about real estate data shows that in August, 70 large and medium-sized cities, there have been 16 cities housing prices fell, 30 cities house price rises stops, and some cities fall exhibitions will appear a lot of sales promotion means; Third, the majority of city innovation high inventory, of which, the inventory of 14 major cities will need about 15 months digestion, and Beijing housing inventory of more than 100000 sets, the supply and demand balance of power there has been a marked change; Fourthly, developers of the capital chain tension, most enterprise, the asset-liability ratio of over 70%, greentown real estate debt ratios as high as 140% above, either in prices, or collapse edge of life and death. However, Versace Belt real estate game traditionally are complex and violent, until the last moment for speaking out of turn not victory, in particular, the recent European and American sovereign debt crisis triggered by the risk of the global economy back into recession, forcing developers to easing the illusion of strong, and for a long time local governments rely on land finance reality also gave the real estate continued strong enough confidence. part of the bank

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For example, in the current domestic inflation pressure, especially under the condition of high oil prices, to promote resource tax reform must be combined with oil product pricing mechanism reform, considering the withstanding capability of the enterprises and individuals, and made the reforms to avoid short-term impact on the people's livelihood. For the difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises should introduce some more protective measures. If the increase in the price of resource is further squeeze the public space of income and consumption ability, paying only ordinary people, replica versace belt is the reform will be in an unsupported embarrassing predicament, losing the foundation of public support. 13 this month, Ferragamo Belt construction bank Beijing branch will be the first suite loan interest rates to 1.05 times the benchmark interest rate, triggered a chain reaction of the market. According to some media statistics, at present already has 14 cities in Ferragamo Belt raised its benchmark interest rate at the first set of housing, the highest rise at an alarming 50%. In fact, earlier this year, part of the bank of Shanghai, hangzhou and other cities have been raised first home loan interest rates, from 08 rescue 7 fold, 8.5 fold preferential raised to the benchmark interest rate, is on the basis of the benchmark interest rates continue to rise 5% to 5%, even 50%. This to have been in the last stage locked still slightly hazy real estate market, dropped a dazzling flare. Commercial Banks in this key point in time, according to the risk of real estate market, decided to raise the first set of housing the benchmark interest rate, the iron triangle of Ferragamo Belt real estate interests chain, the local government, developers and bank, the first to use interest rate for the future prices bad-mouthing institutions, real estate entrenched interests chain was finally market through a small incision. Commercial Banks to raise interest rates, the future effect on the real estate market is obvious, the first set of mortgage interest rates raised to the benchmark interest rate from the previous 7 fold, again from the benchmark interest rates to rise 5% to 30%, means that buyers of actual interest costs increased by 30% to 30%, according to the largest rise in 50%