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Accordingly, insurance law the revision of the original intention as long as it is for Fake Gucci Belt to broaden the investment channel of insurance funds, increase the long-term returns, rather than to encourage insurance funds to real estate speculation. But, look from now everyone's concerns, the media have apparently misread the insurance law the legislation purpose, drew public attention to mislead fry property of insurance funds that allow the public to the topic of concern.

This not only intention, and insurance law legislation more and the upcoming pilot measures for the administration of the insurance fund investment real estate is a far cry from the specific content of the. According to the author, hermes belt cheap the securities and futures commission the upcoming pilot measures for the administration of the insurance fund investment real estate, cheap louis vuiton belts in view of the insurance company in the field of real estate investment rusty and the reality of the lack of professionals, all on the system construction on the premise of effectively guard against and control risk. The investment main body, the specific direction proportion, the proportion of insurance funds can invest in real estate and investment patterns have made that clear.

On the investment ratio, for example, the percentage of 10% to 15% and the outside world widely, replica fendi belt the methods to control the investment ratio of 5%, the case in the present real estate boom, replica burberry handbags the proportion does have the function of the risk prevention; Again, for example, on the specific investment direction, circ clearly stressed that the investment of insurance funds in real estate, can only be invested in private office buildings, commercial and office, affordable replica belts and other affordable replica belts and endowment property, not directly involved in real estate development, more do not allow direct access to the property market


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Third, abolish the welfare replica belts distribution of public servants. Many officials have ignored rising home prices, simply because they through the welfare replica belts distribution can avoid the pain of rising prices, can feel at ease in order to local interests and encourage replica belts prices, if the vast majority of civil servants no longer enjoy the privilege of welfare replica belts distribution, replica armani belts replica belts slump will become inevitable. But considering the interests of the real estate complex game, to really do above at 3 o 'clock, indeed very difficult, the central expect real estate driven economy, where looking forward to the prosperity of real estate to increase fiscal revenue, replica christian louboutin while Banks expect real estate finance to bring huge profits.

Under the condition of the real estate to the tasks of many, the government clearly will not take any of the above measures to crack down on real estate, unless the government in which no interests, make a fair cheap ferragamo belts policy executors. Control prices for governments, not can't also, is not is also. Based on February 28, the 11th national people standing committee of the seventh meeting through the newly revised insurance law of the People's Republic of Fake Gucci Belt the provisions of article 106 of the insurance funds allowed investment real estate. But the insurance company how investment real estate, according to the provisions of this law: the specific measures for the administration of the insurance company applications, formulated by the circ.

Given the new insurance law shall become effective as of October 1, 2009 has, circ after also said many times, specific measures for the management of insurance funds to invest in real estate in October at the latest, this means that the pilot measures for the administration of the insurance fund investment real estate will also announced in recent days, the specific content of the insurance fund investment in real estate began to enter the countdown. And some media about insurance giant billions of risk investment will change into the replica belts or replica belts investment pattern is let a person cannot help to pay attention to join insurance funds after the future of Replica Gucci Belts real estate market.

Actually, for the in replica rayban sunglasses vestment of insurance funds in real estate, is the money, and had given the insurance fund investment channels in Fake Gucci Belt is too single, the yields on long-term low levels of insurance funds, lead to high risk of the investment of insurance funds.


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As many comments, replica louboutin shoes in the case of developers monopoly information and pricing power, such measures as records are just tap. Is the government really take house prices there is no way, still don't want to let house prices fall, this is a major problem about reputation of public policy. Seeking truth from facts, the current real estate counter-cyclical rise, has made the government's credibility in house prices is impartiality.

Needless to say, if you don't have the extremely loose monetary policy, if there is no bank violations to cooperate cheap hermes belts , to release two sets of mortgage, if there is no local government bail-out of racking their brains, the real estate could have finished the adjustment period of itself, to return to health. this part of the real estate bubble foam can be regarded as illegal. Now that is the result of violations, irrational to twist the replica belts price rising bridle, the blow in the past, I'm afraid the way such as cover plate, I'm afrai cheap versace sunglasses d only perfunctory public opinion. In fact, if governments want to rational regression house prices, besides hit land hoarding, increasing the supply of land, the author thinks that, control prices are actually very simple. First of all, the shut the head of the credit.

Since the monetary policy caused the irrational exuberance of the price of the house, the first should be real estate finance policy strictly. Money out of the property market to let a lot of irregularities in the property market, fake gucci belts two sets of mortgage policy strictly, rather than give a further misleading signals, released 2 sets such as mortgage rates fall of error information. History proves that as long as strict credit policy, to raise the capital ratios of ordinary commercial replica belts, real estate will answer and left. the real public information of the real estate market.

Chaos in the real estate information has become the biggest disgrace to Replica Gucci Belts statistics, the current information about real estate supply and price of the key basic monopoly in the hands of interest groups, they by selective release information, regulating the market, let ordinary people as they dance baton, the real estate market of the biggest injustice is the monopoly of information, and in the case of the national house prices soaring, the national development and reform commission has statistics house prices rose by only 1%, how funny.


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